Home Modifications

The following organizations provide assistance with home repairs and home modifications.

City of Dallas



The City of Dallas Major System Repair Program (MSRP) will provide a list of certified independent contractors to homeowners. The homeowners may select a contractor from a list or provide the name of a contractor to be certified to complete repairs using federals funds.

Hearts and Hammers



We are a non-profit organization providing free home exterior repairs to senior citizens, U.S. Armed Forces Veterans or their surviving spouses, and disabled individuals.

Rebuilding Together North Texas




We provide repairs to low-income homeowners, including seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, and
veterans. Economic eligibility is based upon the income of everyone living in the home and must meet the 80% AMI
standards. Email our office for more information.

Texas Ramp Project




The Texas Ramp Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides free wheelchair ramps to low-income older adults and people with disabilities identified by local health care providers. Ramps are built exclusively with volunteer labor, keeping costs to a minimum. Ramps are built without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender.


Rose™ is a platform that connects service providers (home contractors and occupational therapists) to clients to complete accessible home assessments and accessible home modifications at a client’s primary home, rental property, or at their business.

Rose™ strives to create a barrier-free world for people of all ages.


The Amy Young Barrier Removal (AYBR) Program

The Amy Young Barrier Removal (AYBR) Program provides one-time grants of up to $22,500 for Persons with Disabilities who need modifications to increase accessibility and eliminate hazardous conditions in their home. Program beneficiaries must include a Person with Disability, must have a household income that does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI), as defined by HUD for the HOME Program, and may be tenants or homeowners.


The Texans Foundations Fund

Through the Texas Foundations Fund, TSAHC partners with nonprofit organizations across Texas to support housing programs that assist very low-income households. To date TSAHC has invested almost $8 million to support the following:

Home repairs and accessibility modifications in owner-occupied homes
Home repairs to help restore homes damaged by natural disasters
Supportive housing services, such as case management, mental health services, and housing and financial counseling, proven to help households maintain their housing stability.